Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 22, 2002

Nordhavn is safely anchored in 40 feet of water in the lee of Cayos Holandes island in the San Blas island group. This morning we realized that there was a chance to make it before dark, so we moved up to 1900 RPM, centered the Naiads and squeezed a little more speed out of her.

As it was, I violated my oath somewhat in that it was actually dark by the time that we dropped the hook. With two radars, two depth sounders, binoculars, moonlight and the wonderful Raymarine plotter, we came in perfectly on “instruments”. It was exhilarating and extremely satisfying to reach this wonderful spot after a week at sea.

With heat lighting silently flashing all around us, Mike, Jeff and I sat on the foredeck and toasted the passage with Barbados rum and enjoyed the gentle night breezes heavy with moisture and the fragrance of these tropical islands. We can see several islands in the moonlight and look forward to exploring them in the morning.

There will be no 1:00AM report as I will be on deck in my sleeping bag sleeping like a baby


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