Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 28, 2002

Distance made good last 24 hours- 170 miles
Average speed last 24 hours 7.2
1700 RPM
Fuel burned last 24 hours 72 gallons (including generator)
Fuel remaining 836 by Flow Scan
Range at current speed with remaining fuel using data from last 24 hours- 1,973 nm Distance remaining to Acapulco 1,215 nm
Course 277m
ER temp 109 F

We are back in the routine of being at sea. Kevin took Jeff’s time slot on the watch schedule, so Mike and I have remained unchanged from our previous watch schedule.

We are now going “up hill” and are in the conditions that NORDHAVN will face for most of the next 3,000 miles between here and Dana Point. The wind and seas are on the nose and the true wind speed varies between 10 and 20 knots. NORDHAVN is happy with the conditions and gamely rises and falls to the rhythm of the head seas without pounding or loss of speed. There is zero roll- just pitch now. I am really impressed with the motion of the N40 going to weather. For some time, Jim Leishman has sung the praises of the N40s motion going to weather, but until now, I have never experienced it.

As you see above, we averaged 7.2 for the last 24 hours that I am quite happy with. We have been helped by some favorable current, but we also now have the benefit of a clean bottom. When we dove on the boat in San Blas, we were surprised to see so much growth (especially since NORDHAVN has been moving most of the time). We had the bottom and propeller cleaned while we were in Panama. I think that the clean bottom is giving us some newfound speed.

We are starting to play with numbers to determine our arrival time in Acapulco. It is a little speculative because we are still so far out and we don’t know yet if we need to take the “beach route” through Tehauntepec that will add some additional distance. However, we are hoping for an arrival in Acapulco sometime during the day on Tuesday June 4.


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