Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 29, 2002

It was a quiet night aboard NORDHAVN with the only excitement being several ships and the numerous squalls. The seas have greatly improved. There is large soft ground swell that we don’t even feel. The chop and confusion has subsided.

Another stabilizer cooling pump failed this morning. We are getting quite handy at changing these pumps out, so there was no drama. I had promised to expose the name of these wretched “commercial” pumps, but have changed my mind and will instead receive my satisfaction when I hand our materials manager, Sky Scott a box of the burned out pumps and ask him to return them for credit as defective. He is a master of returns and will relish the task.

Kevin served sashimi (from yesterday’s Dorado) for breakfast, and it was the finest sashimi that I have ever had aboard a boat. I love sushi and sashimi, but the several previous experiences that I have had of cutting up a freshly caught fish and eating it warm have been unsatisfying. The key according to Kevin (and I am now a true believer) is to slice it up and chill it on ice for a few hours before breaking out the wasabi and soy sauce.

It is 9:30 AM as I write this and Mike is already talking about how he is going to prepare the fish for tonight’s dinner. I can’t wait.


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