Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 30, 2002

Today we continue along our “straight shot” course towards Acapulco now 836 miles away as I write this. For those of you who are following us on a chart using the C-map data at the top of each position report, can see that we have passed Punta Guiones, Costa Rica and are entering a portion of the route which takes us further and further offshore as the coast of Central America falls away to the east. The good news is that we are on course and on schedule for a Tuesday morning arrival in Acapulco. The unnerving part of this story is that we are still not 100% cleared on Tehauntepec and there is a very slight possibility of a new tropical disturbance entering the picture. In either case, we would have to turn right to a port of refuge from a hurricane or the “beach” in case of a Tehauntepecker. So, with slight anxiety, we are greedily putting mileage in the bank while the putin' is good.

The other issue is fuel. Those of you reading last night’s report may have said to yourself that we are taking the fuel reserves too low. The problem is that we are fighting a wretched little current that I estimate to be about ˝ knot against us. We have passed through numerous current boundaries (clearly visible) where the SOG will jump up 1 knot and then back down 10 minutes later. We have thought about venturing off course to look for favorable currents but decided against it. We will just “stay the course” which always works for me. If need be, we will slow down later.


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