Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 30, 2002

In my previous message I reported that the seas were flattening and life aboard NORDHAVN was good. Somewhere in today's travels something went wrong and as the wind picked up so did the rough seas. Now we are back to the pitching and lurching that has plagued NORDHAVN for much of this part of Leg 4. It's as if Poseidon is punishing us for hooking up one of his sailfish on Kevin's early morning fishing session . In fact, it's not the big sport fish we are after but rather those that can feed the crew. Unfortunately, most of our strikes have been by the big guys that these waters are teaming with and it has cost us several hook setups. BUT in fairness to this good crew, Kevin did reel in the big fish (our estimate is 80 lbs.), took a picture, removed the hook, and released the mighty creature unharmed.

In regards to the rough seas, the only thing I find difficult coping with is cooking the dinner meal. Tonight was no exception, however, in spite of the pitching and lurching I received the highest praises a cook can receive by several OOH's, AAH's, and MMM's from Cap'n Dan and Kevin as they woofed down baked filet of mahi mahi, risotto, buttered broccoli and a tossed salad complete with Panamanian avocado from the orchard of Carlos, our guide, chauffeur, and Canal line handler. That's another remarkable thing about this "little bulldog" of a boat - it affords one all the comforts of home even in these unfavorable sea conditions. The Seaward LPG stove stove has really been a dream to cook with.

More interesting tidbits about this part of Leg 4 has been the noticeable increase in the amount of shipping traffic encountered daily. We are definitely in traditional shipping lanes and are passed and overtaken by up to 6 ships per shift. Quite a departure from the run from Barbados to Panama. The traffic tends to give me a reassurance that we're not alone as well as keeping me on my toes as I go through my watch routine.

I close for the night wishing all the best to you and calmer seas for us.


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