Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 31, 2002

Distance made good last 24 hours- 173 miles
Average speed last 24 hours 7.2
1840 RPM
Fuel burned last 24 hours 101 gallons (including generator @ 6 GPD)
Fuel remaining 544 by Flow Scan (after offset for total generator fuel consumption since reset)
Range at current speed with remaining fuel using data from last 24 hours-
931 nm
Distance remaining to Acapulco 727 nm
Course 297m
ER temp 111 F

Today was routine as we continued our straight-line run to Acapulco. We got a good weather report from Jim for the weekend reporting calming conditions and the absence of any tropical disturbances. We will take that as clearance to continue the offshore course that we are on. We are quite relieved because it was a bit of a gamble that we took and it would have cost us a lot of time to run in to shore from here.

This afternoon, the current came around and is now favoring us by about ½ knot or more. We are showing SOGs in the steady 8s, so now it is quite pleasant to watch the monitor. Wait… what’s that sound? I think that I can here mariachi music…..


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