Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

June 3, 2002

Greetings friends and family. All's well and quiet aboard Nordhavn as the weekend comes to a close.

Our uncharacteristic lack of news reports for the past couple of days has not been without reason. This weekend on board our sturdy and dependable craft we have endured three successive days of stormy weather that have left us in less than amicable moods and feeling somewhat lethargic. What started out from Panama as days filled with sunshine has turned into stormy days and dark nights with rough and at times confused sea conditions.

The height of this foul weather was reached this afternoon when we were overtaken by a local depression that seemed to feed off itself as it encircled the boat gathering momentum and mass in the process. It started out as a rather small rain squall with a 6 knot following wind and within what seemed to be minutes apppeared as a mass of rain clouds approximately 6 miles across most of which was directly in front of us. At this point, the wind clocked around to the bow reaching 20 knots as the rain starting pelting the boat. The wind shifted again to our port beam at a steady 30 knots with gusts to 36 (the highest on this leg) as the wind driven rain brought the visibility to about two boat lengths in all directions. As the boat auto pilot held our course, the shift in wind direction and increase in velocity altered the direction of the depression to starboard. Within an hour, we were once again out of the rain with the wind velocity subsided to less than 15 knots AND with clear visibility. The experience of this violent phenomenon was exhilarating and served as a reminder that we are alone and at the mercy of mother nature at all times.

Now, as the weekend closes, our position finds us approximately 275 miles from our destination with an expected arrival of Tuesday afternoon in Acapulco. The seas are still bumpy and sky is black but hopefully will be smoother and sunny tomorrow morning as we approach the Mexican coast of Oaxaca. Kevin and I are still hopeful of catching some more Dorado in the next two days.

On a personal note, I'd like to send best wishes to my cousin on the occasion of his marriage yesterday in Trieste, Italy. Tantissimi auguri, Marco ed Irina. Voglio sempre tutto bene per voi!


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