Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

June 5, 2002

Good Morning from NORDHAVN,

We are now safely tied up at the beautiful Acapulco Yacht Club. We arrived yesterday at 11:00 AM and were guided in by the Yacht Club on ch 14. As with most of the boats here, we are situated in a "stern to" tie with the anchor set out and the stern tied to the dock.

By 2:00 PM, we had completed the basic work of entry paperwork, fueling, oil and filter changes and stage one cleaning. The fuel costs were pretty shocking. After paying an 8% "visitors fee" and a 6% fee to use the American Express card, the cost came to $2.41 per gallon which was a sharp contrast to the $1.00 per gallon that we paid in Panama.

The daytime weather is oppressively hot and humid - actually more so than Panama. Once the sun sets however it becomes pleasant. We had dinner last night at a wonderful outdoor restaurant on the beach and contentedly relived and reminisced about the experiences of the last 3 weeks. The gentle humid breezes were pleasant and the lightning flashes added some drama to the moment. The rain drops began falling just as we were paying the bill.

This morning, we are doing a final deep cleaning and organizing our personal things so that we can move them off of the boat. Crew #5 will arrive today at 3:00 along with my wife, Marcia. Kevin is leaving for home today and Mike will fly out tomorrow. Marcia and I will vacation for a few days and return home on Sunday.

Vital statistics for the passage from Panama to Acapulco are:
Distance- 1,418 miles
Time- 206 hours
Average speed- 6.88 knots
Fuel burned (main engine only- not including Gen)- 761 gallons
Average GPH- 3.69
Miles per gallon- 1.86

When reading the above numbers, it should be remembered that we purposely traded fuel for time and ran at rather high RPMs with a game plan to arrive in Acapulco with the minimum of fuel on board. As it turned out, we had 85 gallons remaining when we arrived.

There will probably be a 2-day gap in reports as crew #5 gets settled in. Crew #5 will probably depart on Thursday night or Friday morning.

Best Regards from Crew #4


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