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June 10, 2002

Date: Monday, June 10, 2002
Time: 9 a.m. EST
Position: 19*11.71' N 104* 40.9' W
Speed: 0

We are currently holed up at the Bahia Navidad - located about 20 nm. north of Manzanillo, waiting for this tropical disturbance to dissipate or pass by. We heeded Jim's advice to pull in on Saturday night, but decided to bypass Manzanillo because it really doesn't offer much protection. We're in a bit of a quagmire here because right now, the skies don't really look so bad - I think we could go and be OK. But I want to hear the latest from Jim as he has the most accurate weather report and we've heard that there were 100 knot wind gusts out there. For all I know, Jim's blessing to head out is sitting here in this computer, but (and here's the quagmire part), we have no Iridium phone service and therefore, no email capabilities. Thankfully, I can get my cell phone to work right now, but our hands are tied until I can reach Jim in California which is 2 hours behind us.

Without email capabilities, we can't email our reports, so I have resorted to dictating our status to our east coast office which is one hour ahead of us. As we sit here in this nice little cove, we've been able to catch up on some reading and check over the boat. It's warm - about 85 degrees. The skies overhead actually look the best they have looked in the three days we've been here. Courtney ran up to a nearby hotel to hop online and get a weather report and it doesn't look too bad. Still, I want to wait for Jim and Walt Hack's advise.

Yesterday, we entertained some guests on board - Steve and Linda Dashew. They, too, pulled into Bahia Navidad to seek refuge from the storm out there - but suffered far worse than our mere discomfort on board "Nordhavn." They were out in their sailboat custom built in New Zealand when the 40 knot winds snapped their boom. Since they don't have a preventor set, they had to pull in.

That's enough to make me wait for the OK from Jim. Besides, we've really only lost one day so far because we got here faster than anticipated thanks to the unprecedented following seas we had upon leaving Acapulco.

Will update again as soon as possible - hopefully from somewhere out in the open ocean.


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