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June 13, 2002

We're waiting out the storm here at the beautiful Grand Bay Hotel and Marina which is located just across the inlet from Bahia Navidad. This hotel's beauty is total: location, architecture and service makes this a must stop location for any cruiser heading north from Acapulco. For those who like golfing, I am told they have an absolutely wonderful course. I don't play the game but I do trust what I see in the photos of their brochure! You won't find this location on C-Map nor is it on our roster charts which we display on the Nobeltec. Our coordinates here in slip 14-C are, N19 12.025 and W104 42.117.

Yesterday we woke up to find the sailing vessel Beowulf sitting at the end of the pier. The owners, Steve and Linda Dashew of the Deerfoot Sailing Yachts, are also the authors of the "Sailor's Weather" book. As we were talking about them we noticed that they had broken their boom and headed down the dock to find out more. They were in the same tropical storm we were trying to run away from. (They had come from Virgin Gorda, one of the most beautiful islands of the B.V.I.s.) Steve and Linda had not as yet set a preventer and an accidental jibe snapped the main boom just aft of the main sheet attachment. It sounds like dealing with the flogging sail and broken boom with 40 knot gusts was an exhilarating experience they don't want to repeat. Beowulf is ketch rigged with lots of range under power. They intend to motor sail the balance of the trip to San Diego with just the mizzen up. Interestingly, while in the edges of the storm, Joe and Courtney were discussing the merits of not having to go outside in these conditions to adjust or change sails. Steve and Linda were very aware of our ATW trip and had lots of questions for us.

We enjoyed the day with shopping, eating, drinking and swimming. We hope to be able to depart today once we get checked in and out. There is a Port Captain here and in Mexico, if there is a Port Captain, you have to check in and out of any port that you enter. Weather this AM looks fine visually. The sun is out and I am enjoying a beautiful sunrise as it hits the hotel and palm trees.


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