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June 13, 2002

The weather right now looks like is overcast with broken clouds, wind blowing 12 knots from 300 degrees magnetic. The outside temperature is a humid 79.3 degrees and the seas are running only about 2 to 3'. We are taking the seas on our bow as we head towards Cabo San Lucas. We are currently running at 1800 RPMs which is giving us a 7 knot SOG, slowed due to current. We currently have 264.4 nautical miles to cover until we hit our next waypoint being Cabo. We do not intend to stop there.

There are two targets on the radar which I have set on the 12 mile scale. One of the targets to port I can't see, the other is a sailboat also to port about a 1/2-mile off, they are heading to P.V. One thing that I would like to mention while we were pulling into both Bahia Navidad and Puerto Vallarta, both of our charting systems were way off with respect to where the chart says we were as to actual location. Both systems showed us over land. Then as we were departing from P.V., I began setting our next waypoint for Cabo using the Raytheon Chartplotter which employs the Vector Charting system. After setting the waypoint I then hit the FIND SHIP key and low and behold there we were in at the fuel dock in P.V.! Right where we were supposed to be! I don't know why this chart did not come up on it's own last night. I was really working at it last night and just assumed there was not a chart loaded for P.V., or it could be that it was 3:30 AM and just maybe I was a bit groggy... However, the Vector charts were a good way off on the large scale chart while the raster charts were off on both the large scales and small scale charts. If you have been following our ATW from the early stages one of our early legs made mention of this as well. Just a reminder to have a little doubt and use all navigational equipment possible while entering unfamiliar areas.

The sun is beginning to set, we have some good music on the stereo and my stomach tells me it is time to sign off and get some dinner.


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