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June 14, 2002

From 02:00 until now the winds strengthened to 30 knots and our speed slowed to an average of 5.5 kts. We have come in close to shore to see if we can get some relief (I am not sure how, just wishful thinking) and pick up a counter current.

The Floscan is suspect. When we fueled up in PV we confirmed that we burned 3.8 gallons per hour which includes 6 gallons per day using the generator.

Course 287 mag
Speed 7 kts
Wind 30 knots apparent
RPM 1800
Distance to San Diego 706
Fuel remaining 732 gallons
Remaining range at present speed, no generator 1,423

I am still wondering how Jeff Merrill ended up on the Barbados to Panama downwind sleigh ride Leg and Dennis, Gary and I are crabbing our way "uphill"? They say you are supposed to hire people that are smarter than you are, and I think we have accomplished this.


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