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June 15, 2002

We enjoyed relatively calm seas and little wind the last 18 hours. We started getting a little larger swell (maybe 3 to 4 feet) from the west. Wind speed is 10 to 12 kts. It is still relatively comfortable. The temperature was down to 63 degrees last night and is currently 67. The sky is clear. There's hundreds of dolphin this morning, some jumping 6 and 8 feet out of the water to catch up and play in our wake. I have only seen them jump like this before when they are going down for tuna. You never get tired of watching them. Once the miserable sea conditions calmed we were able to spot lots of turtles - a giant one this morning that I estimate to be about 5 feet head to tail. We are all doing a lot of reading, a luxury that only seems to be possible while on a boat or airplane. I am into John Adams by David McCullough, a considerable commitment. We are into our routine and will carry on.

June 15 noon position:
N25 09.00
W112 39. 707


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