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June 16, 2002

Happy Father's Day!

We just rounded Point Eugenia, Baja California, Mexico. Coordinates are 27 51.337 & 115 06.041 and again the raster scan charts of this area are a bit off. The vector chart is right on. We have had really great weather today which started off with fog this morning very much welcomed by us. Fog means cooler conditions and, as a matter of fact, it is 63 degrees outside right now at 18:15 so because of the cooler conditions we have not had the wind that has given name to this leg called the Baja Bash. Right now we are beam to the seas, the wind is blowing 23 knots due to the point and the islands in this area. Within the hour we will be behind Cedros Island and will be in very calm flat seas. Cedros Island is about 21 miles long and varies in width from 2 miles at the northern end to 9 miles at the southern end. There Cedar tree-lined terrain of Cedros Island is 3,950 feet above sea level and many times can be seen with a vale of thick marine layer rolling over the top. I have dropped anchor at the northern end of this island numerous times to view the marine life here which consists of large groups of seals and sea lions. There is a city at the southern end of the island with a breakwater good for stays as well - although if you make a stop here in the harbor you have to check in and out with the Harbor Master here. This port is used for the salt trade. The salt farms are located on the Baja Peninsula and shipped to Cedros and then loaded on ships from Japan.

Currently we are 303 nautical miles from San Diego's outer channel buoys. Our speed right now is 7.2 knots and we are running at 1800 RPMs. Our ETA into San Diego at our current speed is 13:22 on the day of June 18th 2002. We had a wonderful dinner of mahi mahi and we have a local radio FM station listening to Mexican radio... must be a station on Cedros.

I feel compelled to restate how unbelievable it is to me that this Nordhavn 40 just keeps on going without any problems on our leg. None whatsoever! Life aboard is so easy and trouble free that again, I have to say that Jim Leishman's vision has hit dead center! The whole Nordhavn project is to provide the most stable and reliable cruising platform ever to be built. Our current engine hours are 4,653. Go figure what a car's mileage would have with the same hours on it! I'll say this, you all will blown away when you see the condition of this yacht!

We'll see you all very soon!


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