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June 16, 2002

Ed. note: In addition to "Nordhavn's" effort, there is another world record attempt currently going on. A 33-foot hard bottom inflatable from Cardif, England left March 31 and is trying to set a record for an Eastabout circumnavigation. The crew on board "Spirit of Cardiff" have admittedly been having a bit more trouble than the crew of "Nordhavn." However, similar to "Nordhavn", the "Spirit of Cardiff" crew send their postings home via Iridium phone. Their trials can be read on their website

We had a surprise visit by "SPIRIT OF CARDIFF" and her crew; Alan Priddy, Steve Lloyd and Clive Tully tonight at 19:10. Our position was N25 50, W113 20. We expected to connect with them some time tomorrow but at 14 knots, "SPIRIT OF CARDIFF" is traveling faster than we expected. "SPIRIT OF CARDIFF" is a 33-foot hard bottom inflatable that is circumnavigating - going the opposite direction as "NORDHAVN". If ever we thought the crew of "NORDHAVN" was roughing it, those thoughts were quickly dispelled after seeing the vessel that Alan, Steve and Clive are traveling in. When boarding "NORDHAVN" these adventurous Brits thought that they were boarding the QUEEN MARY with her spaciousness, engine room, air conditioning, heating system, separate staterooms, wheelhouse, freezer, etc....and we suddenly gained a much greater appreciation for the civilized manner in which are traveling by comparison. We took SOC in tow while her crew joined us for a few pints and a quick dinner. We swapped a few stories and a few toasts and then they were off as quickly as they appeared. We do not envy them for the balance of their trip and the hardships they have, and will continue to endure. As the crew of "SPIRIT OF CARDIFF" departed, they presented us with a plaque and coat of arms commemorating their circumnavigation. We wished them well and saw them off for the continuation of their adventure.


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