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June 16, 2002

The past 24 hours "Nordhavn" has been enjoying moderate sea and wind conditions. Wind is from the west at 11 knots and the prevailing swell is about 3 feet. We are currently averaging 8 knots and the throttle was increased to 1800 rpm as we begin to "smell the barn". "If" the wind and seas cooperate "Nordhavn" will arrive in San Diego, CA. Tuesday morning. If U.S. Customs and Immigration cooperates, we tentatively plan to depart immediately after clearing, bound for Oceanside Harbor, where "Nordhavn" will stage until the morning of June 30th, the day planned for the ATW homecoming party in Dana Point, CA. The current thinking is to have all the PAE circumnavigators bring "Nordhavn" back to Dana Point as a team for the technical completion of our circumnavigation. The party is probably the most dangerous aspect of the circumnavigation. Any new adventures for Nordhavns that are conceived at the ATW homecoming party should probably be re-examined a couple days after the party.

When we topped the fuel tanks off in Puerto Vallarta, we in fact did not carefully truly top them off since the remaining distance back to Dana Point is easily within the range capability of NORDHAVN. We now estimate that we departed PV with about 850 gallons of fuel. After carefully measuring the remaining fuel from the sight gauges, we now have 462 gallons of fuel. This gives us a range at the current speed, with some generator run time, of 993 miles with 355 miles to go to reach San Diego.



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