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June 18, 2002

This will be "Nordhavn's" final noon position report. At 12:00 p.m. (PST), our little ship is passing between the Coronado Islands and the Mexican coast, just over an hour away from the US/Mexican border. There is a moderate and prevailing three foot swell from the Northwest. The prevailing NW wind is at a civilized six knots. The sky is clear and the temperature is 66 degrees. As this is being written our engine rpm suddenly increases and Dennis is at the throttle, anxious to get to our destination. It is obvious that this Lugger engine doesn't burn much fuel so I am sure Dennis will be forgiven by ADE. We will be further acknowledging all of our generous sponsors in the following days. Their advice and support has been considerable.

N 32 39.67
W 117 15.00
Remaining fuel on board: 270 gallons
24 hour fuel burn: 100 gallons
24 hour distance made good: 170 nm
24 hour speed made good: 7 kts
Remaining distance to destination: 18.7 nm
Remaining range at present speed: 497 nm


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