Allen Daniels of Tustin, CA, asks:

I have been following the journey of ATW since the beginning and have enjoyed the living experience. Seems each leg of your ATW has been favored with an avid angler, such as Kevin on Leg 4. What are the requirements for fishing licenses, or in international waters no license is required?

Kevin Ryan responds:

As I understood fishing license requirements, international waters do not require any. However, Mexico is very strict in their requirements. Each person on board must have a license regardless if they fish or not. About $50 each. The dinghy must have a license, also $50 (per dinghy). The vessel is also required at a charge of about $200-$300. All prices are for a year. I have also experienced fishing license requirements in the Caribbean at various islands. If your destination is Mexico only, then licenses could be purchased through some better tackle shops. Alternatively, call Romero's Mexico Service as they were very helpful with my questions at 949-548-8931.


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