Anonymous of Elverta, CA asks:

In Voyaging Under Power, in the chapter on Mona Mona, Jims' updated entry writes about carrying a masthead mounted Xenon "anti collision strobe". Did you equip Nordhavn with one and have you used it? Also, what are you using to increase the radar signature of Nordhavn? Thanks and good luck in the Med; wish we were there, gale notwithstanding!

Dan Streech responds:

Thank you for your question. "Nordhavn" is not equipped with a mast head strobe light. When passing through the Philippines, the guys found themselves (at night) in a nest of dozens of fishing boats. One boat began following "Nordhavn" in a menacing way. The "Nordhavn" crew used a high powered hand held spot light to illustrate their position and to warn of the interloper. "Nordhavn" is not fitted with anything to increase the radar signature. It seems that the mast, paravane poles and the dry exhaust stack provide a strong natural signature.


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