Bobb Brann of Menifee, CA, asks:

After reading some of the other questions and the responses about fuel consumption and stabilizers, I have the following question: Has the thought of adding a steadying sail to the rigging of any of the Nordhavn line up? If a sail were added would it be beneficial to fuel economy or just have an effect on the "ride"? Would a steadying sail be more trouble than it's worth? I wish you fair winds and a calm sea.

Jim Leishman responds:

We have tried to use a steadying sail aboard our NORDHAVN 46 - on the standard spar - and found it of little use. We have, however, installed a foremast on the N46 and a small main, a small jib and the aforementioned sail (Mizzen) on the standard mast which combined to have a very favorable effect when running with the wind on the beam or aft of the beam. The sails stabilize the boat from rolling and also add significant drive. The only problem is that they add considerable complexity to the rig and require a lot of sail handling which is what most trawler owners are trying to avoid.

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