Bobb Brann of Menifee, CA asks:

On the ATW voyage what are the insurance requirements and coverage limits that have been established for the trip? Are there different requirements in the different countries that you will be visiting? What are the typical costs for the premiums to meet the needs of the voyage? Stay Safe and enjoy the ride.

Erin Lloyd responds:

The ATW vessel is covered by a standard yacht insurance policy provided by Fireman's Fund through our long time agent, Shorepoint Insurance. The standard policy is very typical to what an individual may obtain from his/her agent when insuring his/her own yacht. Prior to embarking on each leg of the trip, PAE must submit an updated itinerary to Fireman's Fund that lists all proposed stops as well as estimated arrival and departure dates. Fireman's Fund then provides PAE with a Trip Endorsement subject to the navigational limits set forth in the itinerary. For example, we are currently in leg two, with coverage from Singapore to Greece. Fireman's Fund also requires a minimum of three experienced adults onboard.

Additionally and importantly is the separate WAR/SCRR or "Hull War Risk and Strikes Clauses" that provides additional coverage against war, warlike acts and civil commotion. As you can imagine, this type of additional coverage is of the utmost importance in today's world. PAE highly recommends that all cruising yacht owners discuss this type of coverage with their insurance agents.

The annual boat policy is $3,325. Each Trip Endorsement is $2,500. Lastly, the WAR/SCRR coverage, which we consider essential, is $1,000 per leg.

$3,325       Annual Policy
$2,500       Leg 1 Trip Endorsement
$1,000       Leg 1 WAR/SCRR Coverage
$2,500       Leg 2 Trip Endorsement
$1,000       Leg 2 WAR/SCRR Coverage
$2,500       Leg 3 Trip Endorsement
$1,000       Leg 3 WAR/SCRR Coverage
$13,825     Total Insurance Premium


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