Bobb Brann of Menifee, CA asks:

I have often read in the ATW commentary and progress reports about the importance of keeping the fridge stocked with beer. I'm sure there would be little mercy for the one who shirked his duty and let the supply of cold beer run out. In fact if I'm not mistaken, I think there are laws on the books in at least 42 countries around the world where the first offence for this crime is DEATH! Or worse, the offender is forced to watch the others on board enjoy an ice cold beer in the heat of the day. With that said, what kinds of different local "malted beverages" has the crew been able to find, and have you found a new favorite? Or are you able to get American beer for your enjoyment? Have a safe trip...

Jeff Leishman responds:

Luckily the Captain of the "Nordahvn" on this leg will only Keelhaul and Flogg his crew members if they do not follow direct orders and keep the fridge stocked with beer. We have experienced many many different labels. However in the stores where we have provisioned, there hasn't been a big selection to choose from. Mostly on the boat we have been getting by on Amstel and Carlsberg, both good brews. Here in the Canaries we came across a nice local brew called Dorada, a real smooth pilsner.

While we were in Greece we met a really great guy and his wife, Brian and Michelle Broadhurst. They gave a gift of three cases of good old American Bud and I'll tell you, after all the Amstel and other foreign labels that Bud Light tastes pretty darn good. Well time to stock the fridge or... unstock it.


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