Bob Brown of Perkins, OK, asks:

Thanks for the great reports. It's been a vicarious thrill to be in the middle of the USA and still get the chance to enjoy the ride with you. I've followed it from the start. What's next? Which cruiser? What distance?

Joe Meglen responds:

We have just barely completed a circumnavigation in our smallest displacement trawler - what we believe is the smallest production powerboat to have circumnavigated - and you are already looking for the next adventure?!! (I do love your enthusiasm!)

Our larger Nordhavns are routinely crossing oceans all over the globe so there is nothing new to be accomplished here. In fact, these are easy bluewater passages for us at P.A.E. since our owners simply report in with their progress and experiences. We have had discussions regarding the fact that the Nordhavn 35, although intended to be a "coastal cruiser", has the range, stability and offshore capability to make an Atlantic crossing with her standard fuel capacity. A voyage on the 35 could be a possibility but this project is only in its earliest discussion stages. First and foremost we're going to enjoy our current accomplishment before we jump on board for the next project.


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