Bob Danelz of Sacramento, CA asks:

I just read your pirate story. What if that same situation turned out not to be a lonely fisherman? Is that how the bad guys would approach you? I was surprised to read you do not carry arms. What would your procedures be in such an event as piracy?

Ray Danet responds:

Bob, I'm going to be very evasive about your question at this time. I'm not going to say whether we have guns aboard or not. I'm also not going to mention what our procedures would be if a situation should arise. This type of information should never be shared with anybody and I say this for the safety of the boat and the crew. It's a good question, but it is a question that each individual should ask themselves and in doing so, make the decisions that would be appropriate for that individual. There are some good general guidelines on this subject and I would be glad to share them, but only after this ATW is finished and that's for the safety of this boat and the crews that will be on the other legs. (After the ATW you can reach me or (949) 496-4933 and we can talk in more detail.) As for how the bad guys would approach us, I'm very glad to say right now that I don't know since I've never had to encounter the situation…hopefully none of us ever will!


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