Bob Danelz of Sacramento, CA asks:

In your forum you say, you have a holding tank for when you need it. When I was in the Navy everything went overboard. How are the restrictions today? And are rules different in other countries for offshore waste?

Jim Leishman responds:

We have left the y valve for the head in the overboard position unless we are in a nice port where we will divert it to our holding tank.

We only throw paper items, food - things that will degrade - overboard when we are far from land. Any plastics go into the trash compactor where we can go for a couple of weeks before changing bags. Here in the Maldives, there is no place to drop off this compacted trash so I put it into another plastic bag to totally seal it and I have stowed it in the dingy. We really could go for weeks without depositing trash ashore. The compactor is the key and a very important piece of equipment on any cruising boat.


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