Bruce Murphy of Auckland , NI, NZL, asks:

How's the surf been on the trip? where was the best and most unexpected?

Jeff Leishman responds:

We looked for surf on Gran Canary Island where we were real hopeful to find some. We did find a nice little right point that looked fun but since we had no boards and nobody was there to borrow any from, we had to just sit and watch it.

The real surprise was in Cape Verde where we found a perfect left about chest high. It was right in the harbor about a -mile from where we were anchored. Justin and I walked over there and met the two local guys who were surfing it. For a late issue of "Surfer" magazine we were able to borrow boards and surf. The boards were too small for us but at least we got some waves. The guys we met said the place gets world class and holds to about 6 feet. I really would have preferred my 9' 0" to surf it. The guys also said that there are good quality surf spots all over the island. It's a far cry from paradise but the surf is good.


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