Charlie Roark of Ventura, CA, asks:

You state that your N40 displaces about 25 tons. How did you calc ulate the weight. I have a Willard Pilothoue 40, we are leaving for Mexico in January. I think the Displacement would be comparable.

The displacement of the N40 has been calculated by carefully measuring the waterline at the bow and the stern and then determining how much water the vessel is displacing. For your own boat, you would need to know the exact location of the original designed waterline and know the pounds of weight per inch of submersion beyond the designed waterline. If your boat was loaded evenly and in trim, you could easily estimate the actual weight of your boat. If it's floating down at the bow and up at the stern - or vice versa - it would require some fairly complicated calculations.

With the N40 that's going around the world, it was hauled out just prior to departure and weighed. It was full of fuel and water and all final equipment and spare parts. The weight was right at 50,000 lbs. After loading the final provisions and loading personal gear aboard, we estimate the weight to be about 52,000 lbs.

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