Chuck Coiner of Hansen, ID asks:

What does the installation of the a.c. entail? Is the venting in place? One or two compressors? How many amps?

Dan Streech responds:

The installation of the air conditioning in Nordhavn was an emergency operation and frankly, we regretted that we did not do it when the boat was still in Dana Point.

The ducting, electrical and raw water through hulls were already in place, so the installation of the self contained 16,000 BTU Marine Air unit into the boat was not too difficult. We installed just the one unit which draws about 14 amps at 120VAC.

Brad Smith, one of our Dana Point commissioning crew, flew to Yap with the air conditioner as luggage and installed it upon his arrival at the boat. Brad is staying on as crew and will fly home from Singapore.


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