Eric Soller of Westminister, CO, asks:

A few times you mentioned that your N40 receives weather information from your main office in California. What other avenues would a world cruising couple have at their disposal to receive good and safe weather information.

Kevin Ryan responds:

As you mentioned, we have received weather updates form our home office. Through the use of internet sites such as NOAA as well the services of a professional weather router, Walt Hack, we have been able to keep abreast of upcoming weather.

Another very common source is through the Single Side Band radio. There is a constant stream of weather fax information available. West Marine sells weather fax software programs which interface to the SSB. The schedule of transmissions and areas covered is then at your finger tips.

Satellite communications such as a KVH or Iridium system would allow you to access the internet and download real time weather information.

Lastly, with time at sea and a myriad of books on the subject of weather, you can glean much from the barometer, sea temp, air temp and skies above.


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