Ewald Jansen of North Vancouver, B.C., Canada asks:

Some of the posted photos show a permanent seat on the port side of the salon, which is different from the standard layout. Could you please post some more interior shots? How does the pilothouse layout work out without an actual helm seat - do you just sit on the bench while the autopilot does its work? Ddoes this seating position affect visibility ahead of the bow? Does anyone use the pilot berth? Where does one sleep in the salon (no convertible seating) when rough seas drive the crew out of the forward master?

Jim Leishman responds:

We have recently tooled up a settee for the port side of the saloon which we installed in our ATW boat and have used in quite a few N40s. This is in lieu of the TV locker on the port side along with a storage cabinet and easy chair. We have relocated the TV locker to the starboard forward bulkhead of the saloon - next to the stairway which leads to the pilot house (this location requires a flat screen TV).

We like this arrangement as it provides comfortable seating for up to two on the port side of the saloon and also gives us a lot more storage beneath the settee. The port side settee is not quite long enough for comfortable sleeping but very nice for stretching out and lounging on.

The port side settee has proven to be a great place to sleep in rough weather when the forward cabin is uncomfortable.

In the wheelhouse the watch stander sits on the settee and monitors the instruments and keeps a look out. The little bench seat is for working at the nav table and can be moved into the saloon and used at the bar overhang of the galley.


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