Fred Wallace of No.Tonawanda, NY asks:

Has the company ever taken a Nordhavn 62, 57, 50 or 46 on a round-the-world trip? If so, where can we read about that? If not, any plans? …That is, once you guys re-introduce yourselves to your families and rest up?

Dan Streech responds:

Fred, thank you for your question. The ATW project with the Nordhavn 40 is the first time that we have taken a boat around the world - although over the years, we have made numerous long distance "deliveries" with each of the boat models.

Only two other Nordhavns (both N46s) have circumnavigated the world although there have been numerous ocean crossings and long passages with each of the models.

We chose the N40 because it is the smallest of our offshore models and the logic is that if this boat can do it, then the larger models can also do it.

We will probably never again take on a project like the ATW as a company, but many of us within PAE do have personal dreams to do it again at a more leisurely pace when time is available. At the completion of the ATW, we will have learned a great deal and will have proven our point. We will however continue to make deliveries and closely follow the operation of our vessels because the process of learning and developing our Nordhavns never ends.



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