Herb Mosher of Orchard Park, NY, asks:

Crossing oceans is serious business. In an emergency, does the N40 have water tight compartments?

Jim Leishman responds:

Aboard the NORDHAVN 40 we do not have water tight compartments. It's just not practical on a small pleasure boat. In order for the water tight compartments to be effective (keep the boat afloat) the vessel would have to be divided up into spaces - too small to fit staterooms into - plus the access doors would have to be so bulky and large that it would dramatically compromise comfortable living.

We do derive some benefit out of the tank design of the NORDHAVN 40 in that in much of the vessel we effectively have a double bottom (anywhere a fuel, water or holding tank is installed). These tanks are molded outside the hull and then set into position and fiberglassed into the hull and surrounding structure. If the boat were holed behind a tank, the tank skin would reduce flooding.

We rely upon a very heavy single series of laminates and many strong structural bulkheads, sub floors and longitudinal stringers. It would take a tremendous amount of force to puncture or crack this hull. In a collision with a rock I suspect the boat would lift, glance or bounce off - or simply stop before the hull would fracture - primarily due to a heavy hull skin in relation to the low overall weight of the vessel.


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