James Douglas of Friday Harbor, WA asks:

Is your choice of departure time optimal for all the areas you are passing through? How would you structure a one-year trip? A two-year trip?

This voyage info is so informative; I hope you do the same for a 40 trip up the West Coast. Many of us in the Northwest have extensive experience here but little out on the open oceanů a decision to buy a trawler-type of vessel might hinge on getting comfortable with the idea of venturing "out there". The daily commentaries in almost real time are tremendously instructive... keep up the good work.

Dan Streech responds:

Thanks for your question. Our departure time was selected to make use of acceptable weather windows in the various parts of the world that we are passing through. We are not getting the ideal weather because in some cases we are at the beginning of a weather window and in other cases we are at the end.

Jim Leishman crafted the route, timing and departure date to string together the various areas into a voyage plan with only about 6-8 weeks of leeway to make it through. Since we ultimately need to get north of Ensenada, Mexico before hurricane season begins, you can see that it is rather tight.

A "cruiser" would certainly not do it this way but would still plan his cruise around the seasons. A good web site to look at for planning is which is sponsored by Jimmy Cornell, the famous routing expert.



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