James Douglas of Friday Harbor, WA asks:

How many gallons per day does the water maker make and how many gallons per day do you estimate per person assuming a shower per day each, cooking and laundry?

Jim Leishman responds:

We have a Spectra watermaker which is rated for 400 gallons per day. We have depended upon it for all our water needs since departing California with the only exceptions being a couple of in-port filll-ups when we are assured of high water quality. I estimate that we are consuming about 50 gallons per day with unlimited showering and use of the washer and dryer. It seems I run the water maker each day for four or five hours and that's all it takes.

Also is the combination washer/dryer as small as previously indicated? Is there room for a stacked washer/dryer?

The washer and dryer is a splendid combination unit. It washes and dries in one cycle and has worked perfectly although the dry time can get extensive if the unit is overloaded. On the 40 there is not room for stacked units.

Would a fly bridge be desirable on this voyage - perhaps with a bimini top for the noonday sun?

We now have a new flybridge available for the 40 and I've thought numerous times how nice it would be on this trip.

Are you relying completely on gps/chartplotting for navigation?

All of our navigation is being done electronically. We do have paper charts aboard but have not used them at all.


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