Jeff Douthwaite of Seattle, WA, asks:

Justin writes of "wind all day at 20 kts. but no waves..." Can you explain how that happens?

Jeff Leishman responds:

As we approached the Straights of Gibraltar we encountered a strong current of near 3 knots against us. While the wind was blowing 20 knots the seas did not build to anything like you would expect. I also think that perhaps we were a bit in the lee of Gibraltar at this time. You also have to understand that we had just endured over 1000 miles of some of the most uncomfortable conditions I have ever been in - as far as the short steep seas we encountered most of the way across the Med. So when we say, " no seas to speak of " it was not to say there were no seas, only that they were small and unremarkable. Hope that clears it up.


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