Jim of Grosse Pte Farms, MI asks:

Now that the trip is winding down, after thousands of miles passed and hours logged, what changes, improvements, renovations, suggestions, will be made to the Nordhavn's of the future, if any.

Dan Streech responds:

This question is the fundamental one that all of us at PAE will be asking ourselves as the trip winds down and in the months and years to come. Probably each person that you ask will have a different answer.

The good news is that not much new has been learned about this boat. There is very little that I would change (nothing fundamental) on the N40. NORDHAVN has magnificently soldiered on now for 22,000 miles with very little service and maintenance and has been nearly trouble free.

For me, the ATW has been a reminder of the brutal abuse that a cruising boat receives. From the many continuous days at sea, to torrential rains, to blazing sun and humidity, to surging against a 3rd world pier, to the invasion of various guests and island natives. The boat takes a beating and cannot be fragile in any way. Also, sooner or later, everything on the boat will be wet. I am reminded that we must make all of our equipment installations durable, accessible, logical and waterproof.

Also, I am reminded of the need for all of us at PAE to be infinitely patient and understanding of our customers when they call in from various parts of the world with problems and questions. I have been "the customer" for several weeks, and now I know what it is like.


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