John Macpherson of West Vancouver, CAN asks:

Jason Quaranto refers to "storm plates" in his May 8th enquiry. Could you please describe these in greater detail for those of us who do not understand the reference.

Jim Leishman responds:

Storm plates are 5/8" acrylic panels which screw down over the four side saloon windows. These windows are 3/8" tempered glass and very strong so the storm panels give added protection in the event of a very large heavy sea hitting the side of the boat or if the boat were pushed down the face of a sea and fell on its cabin side.

The windows in the wheel house are of the same 3/8" tempered glass but due to their smaller size and higher position, we don't feel that panels are necessary. We do have wood panels that are the same size as the wheelhouse windows so if one was broken, we could screw a wooden panel in place.

For port holes, too, we have dead lights - stainless steel internal covers which can be lowered in the event that a port glass were to break.


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