Krystalyn Leffler of Enosburg Falls, VT, asks:

I am in third grade. My sister Amanda is in fourth. How long is your trip scheduled to take?

Dan Streech responds:

Thank you for your question. We are so pleased that an 8 year old has an interest in the ATW voyage. I can remember when my children were the age of you and your sister (that was 20 years ago) and they would ask that same question when we took weekend trips to Catalina Island on our boat.

The ATW trip is scheduled to take 166 days although at this time, we are running about two weeks behind schedule due to the unusual weather that we have experienced so far on Leg 1. You can look at our web site in the ATW section under "schedule" and see the proposed schedule for the trip and look under "tracking progress" to see the actual position of NORDHAVN.


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