Larry Mason of Clarksville, MI, asks:

For your long legs, how do you plan rations? Spoilage? Do you have a freezer? Are menus planned?

Ray Danet responds:

On a normal husband/wife cruise, one puts together a plan and shops accordingly. But for the crew on board "Nordhavn", with three unorganized men, it's a different story. In Hawaii where supplies are abundant, the three of us each got our own cart and grabbed anything we wanted… and prayed that we had the room to store it all. In the fresh department, the onions, potatoes, limes and cabbage lasted pretty well. The only things that we had to throw out were oranges and some of the cabbage. We did put an extra freezer aboard and we still have lamb chops, steaks, hamburger, assorted cheese and a couple prime ribs. I wished that we would have picked up a couple of more leg of lambs on Majuro Atoll. On these outer islands, ones choices are very, very, very limited. Although, if you like canned corn beef with a side of bread fruit, you'd be in heaven.


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