Michael McGuire of Santa Monica, CA, asks:

What medical supplies have you taken with you to handle minor injuries and medical problems? Have there been any injuries? Did anyone have to bring specific medications along?

PAE staff replies:

We purchased the Trans-Ocean Pak from First Aid Pak's line of medical kits for boaters. It contains supplies necessary to treat all types of lacerations, burns, resuscitation/breathing problems, bone fractures and digestive difficulties. In addition, we obtained Ciprofloxacin, an effective medicine against the dreaded bacteria-induced diarrhea.

Thankfully, aside from Ray Danet's sea sickness patches he had to bring with him on Leg 1, none of the crew members has had medical conditions that required medication. And short of Jim Leishman and Brian Saunders' hold of some bad water in Djibouti, we've been lucky that no otherwise serious injuries have occurred.


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