Michael Rimland of Homestead, FL, asks:

I saw that you had caught some Dorado but was wondering what was the biggest fish caught. Also since you are moving at such a great trolling speed if you are trolling lures most of the time. I would also like to say that what you are doing is an awesome dream of mind.

Jim Leishman responds:

There are fish in great abundance on all the waters we've crossed. Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo are the prize catch.

The largest fish we've caught so far (at least when I was aboard) is a Dorado which weighed about 70 lbs. This fish was caught on the California - Hawaii leg by my son Eric.

We only put lures in the water when we want eating fish. Catching a fish on the hand lines we normally use is very hard on the fish - so if you hook one up you probably want to bring it aboard and clean it.

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