Mike Desmond of Rochester, NY asks:

You previously stated you are burning 48 Gallons of fuel in 24 hours going about 6 knots. How do you measure the fuel so accurately and are you running the generator and air conditioner? What is a fuel burn test in the jimmy box?

Jeff Leishman responds:

The fuel burn of 48 gallons per 24 hours at 6 knots was determined by a timed test using the "Jimmy Box". The box is the idea of Jim Leishman, hence the name. It is a welded out of aluminum and is supplied with fuel from each of the two fuel tanks - all machinery is supplied fuel from the box. Each supply line has its own valve, the same as any supply manifold. There is a sight gauge on the box as well which measures one gallon of fuel divided into tenths. By selection of the proper valves on both the return manifold and the box, you can supply and return fuel from the box. Start to time the fuel being consumed at the top mark on the sight gauge, let it go for fifteen minutes, multiply that amount by four and you have a very accurate fuel consumption rate for one hour.

Also it was stated that you had a last cooling for the Naiads that "went south." Please explain.

The 12-volt continuous duty cooling pump developed some sort of a problem with the brushes which we were not able to correct with what was available to us onboard. To change the pump is a very simple task however that happened to be our last spare.


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