Capt Michael Middleton, USMC, of Okinawa, Japan asks:

As a Marine serving in Okinawa I simply wish to congratulate the
crews, employees, and company of PAE for embarking on this voyage. In the
crazy times we are living in I am glad to see that the beauty of the sea,
adventure, and exploration are still surviving. As a hopeful future
Nordhavn owner, I bid you fair winds and following seas.

For your refueling needs how do you contract for your fuel? If you
could explain the planning and procedures you go through to ensure you
have clean and available fuel?

Mike, before we started this trip we researched where we could acquire fuel
and that also determined where our stops would be located. Our next stop is
going to be Majuro Atoll and while underway we can email the fuel dock for
information. If there's a reason that we suspect the fuel, we carry a
Baha filter on board and fuel is filtered before the fuel fill. In the engine room we
have two Racor filters one of which is in standby and many replacement
filters for the same.

As a Marine pilot who knows the value of navigation, how do you back
yourself up during the voyage or is there complete reliance upon
electronic navigation aids?

We do rely on the electronics, but we do carry a full set of charts aboard
and the necessary tools.

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