Nicolas Ryu of Santa Barbara, CA asks:

How does one plan their wardrobe for these very extended trips? I hope that my wife and I - plus a crew - will be able to start an adventure like yours next year (on a smaller scale). We are at a loss as how to minimize the amount of clothing packed, yet still be ready to be dressed appropriately at the drop of an invitation. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Dan Streech responds:

In the tropics (certainly when socializing with other cruisers), short pants, tee shirt and sandals are normally all that is required. While waiting for crew #3 to arrive in Barbados, we were denied entrance to the dining room of the hotel unless we had long pants, so some wash and wear khakis pants and a blue blazer should also be included. If some event requires a tie, then you probably shouldn't be there.

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