Patrick Lorrain of Paris, Yvelines, asks:

It was initially planned for you to go the Olympic Marina in Lavrio. Why did you change for Glyfada ?

Jim Leishman Responds:

Frankly, we were not sure what marina we would use in Greece until a couple of days prior to arrival. We wanted to be near a hotel so the new crew could wait near the marina. We needed a marina that would offer fresh water and have docks so we could walk on and off the boat without using the dingy. We needed to be fairly close to the airport for easy departure.

Jeff, Pete and Justin had a rental car and drove around looking at the various marinas and felt Glyfada was the cleanest, most convenient marina in the area. While I could not compare it to any others, we were very happy there during our short stay.

Thanks for your interest,

Jim Leishman


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