Rich johnson of San Diego, CA asks:

What system are you using for e-mail and do you have capability to receive data?

Justin Zumwalt responds:

There are two systems aboard the Nordhavn to send and receive e-mail. We use the Iridium Satellite phone system to connect to the Microsoft Outlook Express server on a daily basis and it rarely gives us any trouble. It is possible to send and receive other data besides text but it takes a very long time to download. Also the cost of the Iridium time per minute is not cheap at about $1:50 per minute so we just use it for text messages. Although the cost is a little high I definitely recommend the Iridium.The other system onboard is Sailmail and we have not had to use it.

How's the engine room Justin???

Unfortunately, the 40 does not have an access door in the Lazarette through to the engine room like your N50. (Rich is one of our newest 50 owners).


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