Rod Sumner of Niagara Falls, CAN asks:

Jeff, after almost 6 continuous weeks on the N40, are there any modifications to the hull design that you might be considering to improve boat handling/performance given the wide variety of conditions that you have experienced?

Jeff Leishman responds:

I have been giving your question a great deal of thought over the last 24 hours. I have been thinking about all the conditions we have encountered and trying to come up with things that bugged me about the boat. But as hard as I try to come up with a change or modification to improve the boat, I can't think of anything. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant or anything but the boat has really done beautifully in all conditions. When I showed Pete (N40 Project Manager) your question and asked his opinion, he immediately said, "lengthen it by 20 feet." There are little things that could improve the boat, like getting rid of the lower rubrail. When a wave hits the side of the boat at a certain angle you sometimes get a bit of a slap. But I still wouldn't do that because the rubrail is too important. Actually, I already knew about that annoyance when I designed this hull and I put a big fillet on the under side of the rail, but it didn't eliminate the slap totally.

Also, do you generally run with the Naiads deployed or what criteria do you use to decide which stabilizing system to deploy?

The Naiads are on continuously. We only deploy the TPS system if it gets really rough. Then the two systems work together. The TPS system does a great job going down swell, and it gives us a nice back up should the Naiads fail.



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