Rod Sumner of Niagara Falls, CAN asks:

Dan, it's been interesting to read your comments re: night vision etc. Have you ever considered `dual bulbing' the key lights with red lights, similar to dark rooms? This allows night vision to be maintained while giving vital lighting for moving around the boat. Another plus the magenta symbols on the charts glow stand out very clearly under red lighting.

Dan Streech responds:

The night lighting subject can always get a debate going. The instruments and screens of course have to be adjustable and turned down at night, but the use of general red lighting doesn't work for me. I have to increase the power of my bedside reading light by 10 watts per year just to stay even, so the dim red lights only tease me- I can't really read anything. I like bright light to work with. We have numerous flashlights lying around the pilothouse, so if I need to look at something that is dark, I use a flashlight or just turn on the lights. Before turning on the lights, I will take a good look at the radar screen and take a walk around the Portuguese bridge. I know that some of the "old salts" will howl with disapproval at my approach, but hey, I am almost an old salt and can say whatever I want.



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