Ronald Benson of Farmington Hills, MI asks:

Hi Ray, It's great following your progress and the information about "Nordhavn" and its systems. You mentioned that the anchor was a 110 lb. Bruce (with 300 ft. of chain). That's a lot of anchor-about 2X what I understand the books say for storm conditions and your size boat. Clearly, for ATW, heavier is better, but is this "overkill"? Are your secondary anchors similarly as heavy?

Ray Danet responds: (NOTE: Ron has a fantastic Nordhavn 50 on order that is destined to do the "Great Circle Route" in the US.) We did go overboard a bit and the reason is that on our tight schedule, we couldn't be to choosy on some of the anchorages. This proved itself to be true when we had to deal with that tropical depression in Kosrae. Our other two anchors are of normal specifications.

With a full load of fuel and all your equipment, did you raise the bootstripe?

We did not raise the boot stripe, but when we put a full load of fuel aboard, some of it disappeared. After 5-7 days of running she was back to normal.


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