Scott Strickland, asks:

I read you added a second refrigerator, and you have both flopper stoppers
(paravanes with fish) and active stabilizers.> > What other equipment did you add above normal?

We did add a second freezer. And we do have a bit of electronics. Courtesy of the Raytheon people who are one of our sponsors. An extra radar, one extra screen. Their new system is
working out great. We are carrying quite an inventory of parts but that is only because we have to keep moving to meet the weather windows around the world. On a normal cruise, one would wait for parts at some great anchorage..

How many anchors and anchor rode?

We have two sets of anchors, one is all chain and the other is chain and nylon rode.

What radio and navigation equipment did you duplicate?

We do have an SSB, hand held back up VHF radio, second radar, flowscan
meter for fuel, second back up GPS and also a third hand held GPS.

Let me jump in here real quick. Scott has a new Nordhavn 47 on order with me and he knows all these answers, I think he's trying to give me a good time here, I'll get even with you Scott and yes I do know how to use a sextant.

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